Sunday, 28 February 2010

screenshot advert - winner is...

I'd firstly like to thank everyone who entered :)

Now for randomness I listed all of you who entered in order of your comments made, then I was going to use one of those random number generator thingys... but they seemed a bit boring so I went on twitter and asked "Can someone please pick a number from 1 to 4 for me" and the first person to tweet a number is the number I used!

(I did make sure that it was none of you who entered that tweeted!)

... and the number that was tweeted was:

Number 1

(thank you Mr Yen for picking my winner for me! :) who by the way is a fab paper cutter! You can see my tweet on twitter on the right of *pur-ple on my twitter gadget or on twitter of course!)

Which means that the winner is....

Arty Plum of

So congratulations Arty Plum... your free three month screenshot advert is now live! (on the left here on *pur-ple... I just had to catch that bumblebee in the screenshot!)

Dosen't it look good :)

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