Monday, 29 October 2012

new save your pennies packs

One of my main aims with pur-ple is to provide great crafts supplies and other goodies at great prices.

I ♥love♥ photography and take all photographs myself apart from my suppliers 'stock' photos, but one of my pet hates is when you visit a gorgeous website with gorgeous photos only to find a gorgeous product but at a not so gorgeous price!... and this too applies to bricks and mortar shops too. Many, many times over the years I have peeped through windows, squinted through doors at delightful goodies only upon entering the shop to find the goodies to be rather overpriced (& usually accompanied by an overkeen shop assistant too!) Hence, a rather hurried excuse (I find something to do with the children, is a good one, like "did you say you needed the loo?") and a rushed exit!

I really, really ♥love♥ a bargain too, but I am also more than happy to pay for nice goodies as long as  they are not overpriced!

Well, you should soon start to see my prices at pur-ple actually go down (yes, down!) I hear you say! as I stock more and more items and get closer to opening my bricks and mortar shop too. (My bricks and mortar shop is a little off yet. I have walls to re-point and a floor to lay, electrics & lot's of decorating... but I'm getting there slowly and enjoying the process too)

So, to start with I have created a 'save your pennies packs' category on my website and the very first item to be added are these extremely popular tiny red 9mm buttons in a great value pack of 500. They are not quite bulk or wholesale, just great value. If you are a business customer or avid crafter then I can also offer a really good discount off of all my items at pur-ple... please contact me if you are interested for more info.

... so, save your pennies with pur-ple! (do you like it it's my new saying!)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

teal, peach and raspberry divine twine

These new gorgeous colours of Divine Twine are now available at pur-ple - soft teal, soft peach and raspberry / fuchsia...

... arn't they just divine!

If you would like me to stock the new delicious solid colours of Divine Twine for you then please ask.

Friday, 26 October 2012

jingle bells, holiday divine twine and buttons

I have these very lovely Father Christmas / Santa bells in stock at pur-ple & they have the most delightful jingle!

I also have these very popular red bells available too...

... which are just great for trimming your Christmas makes, be it bunting, festive garlands, decorations or stockings they are a rather sweet addition! (You could even use them for little jingly jewellery too!)

I think its OK to mention Christmas now, isn't it? I'm usually in denial until the end of October, but it just feels soooo wintery at the moment.

I've just stocked up with some festive looking candy stripe bags, packing bags and Japanese tape for wrapping & packing your orders in... watch out for some different coloured parcels sliding through your letterboxes and dropping onto your doormats!

Have you seen this very pretty Limited Edition Holiday Divine Twine that I have in stock (please note the word 'limited'... I really don't have that much left now) it is Oh so pretty... and most definately my new favourite.

At the moment I have two small looking parcels full of stock to unpack, one is full of haberdashery delights including lots of Bondaweb... Yay! (It's back in stock - I really watch my stock levels very, very carefully, but this slipped through my safety net!)

... my other small box is rather deceiving & rather heavy too as its full of over 100,000 buttons! Yes, you read that right and it wasn't a typing error. I have over 100,000 buttons to check, sort and put away.... whatever do you do with them all?

I have heard from some of you that you use them for making jewellery, button art and embellishing your stitched creations... and I am sure that there are many that have been bought to put into pretty jars to enjoy looking at and using for that special project.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

polka bias binding & PayPal Access Card

So heres my lovely new polka dot bias binding in 18 different colours. Its very bright and cheerful isn't it? Do you see how I tried to stack the colours in the left hand stack in order of the colours of the rainbow? (Which did involve me and my children all trying to remember the correct order and then resorting to googling it!)

I waited until it was a really bright and sunny day and then grabbed my my daughters camera quick as I could'nt find my battery charger anywhere! Why is it that you can never find the charger when you need it in a hurry! I kept getting shadows though so I had a hunt through all the settings on the camera and found a very useful backlight setting. Which helped me achieve the photo (that I had in head) appear on the screen!

Anyway... your perhaps wondering why the title of this post mentions a PayPal Access Card? Then again, you may just be thinking... ohhh, pretty polka bias binding. What project can I use that on? If you are then you can find it here. I spent ages naming all the lovely colours. My favourites are lichen and peony.

If your still wondering about the PayPal thing, then I will tell you...

A little while ago I was given the option to have a free PayPal Access Card. And it's fantastic. I use it quite a bit now. Basicially, I have a PayPal Business Account, my lovely customers buy some goodies from me (for example polka bias binding), the money goes into my PayPal account (that bits obvious) I then either transfer my money into my bank account as and when I want or use my balance online to pay for things or if no balance or not enough balance it defaults to the credit card of my choice)

But now, if I want to buy something, say Large Letter 2nd Class stamps (which I buy alot of) at my local Post Office (for example), or perhaps to post just a single order for say £1.10, or buy a ream of A4 copier paper which is so much easier to buy locally as every time I have ordered online the corners get dented which is really frustrating! I can use my card. By the time I have got home or have mobile phone signal an email will ping through confirming my transaction. Simple, quick & easy but most of all FREE!

I find that it also saves me paperwork as it then shows up on my KashFlow accounts and I don't have to keep using petty cash and causing myself more work or having to enter my debit card payment manually to KashFlow.

You can also use it over the phone too, just like any other card.

Oh, and the best bit (which resorted in my jumping up and down in delight at my Post Office Counter - you don't have to do that bit by the way!) is that it has one of those wavy lines on the end of it. Yes, it's contactless, so you can just hold it against the matching wavy lines on the screen at your post office without even entering your pin for small transactions! A quick beep, grab your receipt and your done. It did take me a minute or two to work that out and lots of waving the card around at the screen, and looking a little silly, but it was worth it!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

folding scissors & ebay nectar points

I've just added these really cute little folding scissors to my website & my ebay shop pur-ple.
They are exclusive to pur-ple & are currently available with a very dear reindeer charm or a snowflake charm... I think they would make great little stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts at just £2.75 each.
I shall be adding some more designs soon... including a rather sweet little owl.

They are great for your craft bags for crafting on the go!

Oh, by the way... did you know that you can now link your ebay account directly with your Nectar points account?

I only just realised this when I logged into my ebay seller account... so I quickly linked them up by adding my Nectar card number. It was really easy to do. Now whenever I buy items on ebay I receive Nectar points too. Yay!
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