Thursday, 27 August 2009

Adding a third column to our Blogger blog!

... just braved it and had a go at adding a third column (on the right) to our blog to showcase our cards!

I made sure though that before I started altering the HTML that I made a backup of the Blogger template... just in case.

I was very pleased when I finally clicked on save to see it had worked, although I still have to alter the column sizes and our logo size as it now looks to narrow at the top of the blog.

After much research I found that this website helped with the codeing.

Card shown above is (HBOO8AHD) by The Hummingbird Card Company.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Pattern Portfolio - 50% off!

Just found our about this fab website based in the UK called Pattern Portfolio (by Print & Pattern)

For one week only Pattern Portfolio are running a fantastic offer. 50% off every single design....thats right 50%!!!! Just enter the voucher code: printaug9 at the checkout and the discount will be applied. Don't miss your chance to download a great design bargain!!


COLOURlovers has got to be one of my favourite websites at the moments!

COLOURlovers is a resource that monitors and influences colour trends, it gives the people who use colour - whether for ad campaigns, product design, or even in architectural specification - a place to check out a world of colour, compare colour palettes, submit news and comments, and read colour related articles and interviews.

Have a look for yourself at the great colour trends and palettes!

Squeeze by velveteen.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Monsieur Boudin Cards by Lab Partners

Due in soon at Purple Greetings Cards... the full range of delightful Monsieur Boudin everyday greetings cards by Lab Partners.

Every now and then, you are introduced to a character who is erudite, has charm, wit and is worldly. You may be left feeling a little insecure about who you are and how you conduct yourself or you may feel inspired to put on your best shoes and step forward into the world with a little more joie de vivre. Well as they say, "we give you Monsieur Boudin" that stylish little daschund from Paris.

... how exciting! These adorable cards are great to give or just as great to keep and frame! I am actually struggling to choose a favourite, I think I love them all as each card has it's own special little something which makes me smile!

Images by Lab Partners

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Unusual Cards from iBride

... just sourced, unusual cards from iBride.

iBride's products are created by 3 members of the same French family. The inspiration for each item comes from both the very close environment and travels around the world. The word 'ibride' itself is a play on words in French meaning 'hybrid', and many of the pieces combine several forms and several functions. Is it the form or function of each piece that defines it or the hybrid meeting point that make it difficult to define?

Friday, 21 August 2009

Suck UK Wooden Postcard!

... how great is this wooden postcard from Suck UK... you can carve your own card in solid wood!

Looking on Suck UK's website, raised several smiles on this rainy Friday afternoon, especially the Happy Sack Pet Goldfish Bin Bags and My Cuppa Tea Colour Matching Guide Mugs!... I'm off for a nice milky cup of tea, my favourite!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Mondays child...

I have just made this up using a lovely vintage look childish True Type font called Later On. I eventually would like to add a line drawing of a swing or tree perhaps!

... now at 38 weeks pregnant, this dear little rhyme has been on my mind rather a lot!

Blog Colours!

... been playing with the blog colours again!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Oribami Pop-Out Cards Now In!

We are excited to say that these fab Oribami Pop-Out Cards from Umpen Editions have now arrived at priced at just £2.50 each, they are not only just a greetings card but also a delightful little 3D creature, which can also keep your special message safe within it when popped-out!

... the owl is a firm favourite here!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Oribami Pop-Out Cards!

We have just placed an order with Umpen Editions for the full range of their fabulous Oribami Pop-Out Cards... due in soon at Purple Greetings Cards!

A pop ark of rainbow-bright animals that look fab flat but even finer in 3D. Printed on FSC certified stock... we can't wait to see them all!

... also look out for Umpen Editions Fold & Behold Pop-Out Christmas Cards, which fold into adorable little angels. These will be also be appearing on our website soon (well a little nearer Christmas!)
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