Thursday, 30 September 2010

Time for tea

Just unpacked my very sweet little "purple" Bodum Bistro kettle for my workshop. Very pleased : D (I photographed it on its side! although the photo dosen't show it true purple colour)

I've been slowly collecting gorgeous things for my workshop... which still isn't quite ready to use yet... but at least I have a very lovely kettle to make cups of tea! ... and its got a clever lid on it to!

Purple Greetings Cards

Thursday, 16 September 2010

my dear little shop!

One of my ambitions / dreams has been to own my own "bricks and mortar" shop. I have spent years (honestly) looking for the 'right' one. The one that just feels right.

I even wrote about the kind of shop that my "virtual" online shop Purple Greetings Cards would be like If it were "real" on my about page!

"Think of Purple Greetings Cards as a virtual bricks and mortar specialist greetings cards shop, set on a back street (perhaps cobbled) which is a little hard to find with a wooden door and a bell that tinkles when you open it. With old floorboards and white walls (although one would have to be purple!) clear acrylic shelves laden with beautiful, unique cards and at the back a little wooden table with an old fashioned till sat on it. Each purchase would be individually hand wrapped with tissue paper and loveingly hand finished with stickers and other little extras that we feel were right at the time. A little area would be set aside as a studio, full of letterpresses and the odd Gocco and, brimming with inks, paper, card and envelopes in glourious colours... well, that's us, Purple Greetings Cards."

Well, back in March I put an offer on a dear little shop, in a gorgeous Devon village just a few minutes drive from my home... and it was accepted!

I kept it a secret though for many weeks, not wanting to tempt fate!!!

But, on 16th June I completed (just minutes after a rush to the doctors with my middle daughter, who had come out in what we found out was hives! We have allergies in our family, so that was quite a worry)

And... here it is, my dear little shop with my very own space underneath! (This is actually one of the first pictures I took of it all those months ago) Which I have been desperate to share with you.

I'm so happy! It's hard to explain the feeling, but you know when things are "just meant to be" : D

I'll fill you in more about it soon!

Purple Greetings Cards
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