Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Hidden Eloise

I was going to say "this is my 100th post" :) but...

whilst on Twitter this morning I came across this problem that HiddenEloise is currently experiencing...

It is a very interesting read and I am glad that she has made her problems aware to others.

Now, I am a very "principles" person, and I have found from past experience that when you are extremely passionate about something and you know yourself that you are in the right it can be very hard to make that known.

At, times you almost have to "do it alone" instead of "following the crowd"

But, in the end it is often worth it, perhaps just to get things corrected or even to hear an apology, so that you can start to get back to normal again.

If what you think you are doing could be wrong, is an easy option, is what "everyone else does" or may offend someone's feelings please think twice about doing it and the repercussions it could cause later on.

If it is already done... it really is best to back down and admit that maybe you were wrong.

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