Friday, 12 February 2010

busy adding cards

I am busy this morning throughly enjoying myself uploading cards to Purple Greetings Cards and also altering image sizes so that they all look a little more streamlined... yet another job that I have been meaning to start but never seem to have time. I have nearly finished the blank cards page, and as always "I wished I'd found the time to do it a long time ago" as it looks so much better with all the images set at 200 pixels wide.

It's a bit nippy sat at the computer so I am warming my hands around a nice warm blackcurrant in my favourite Cath Kidston pink spot crush mug, surrounded by greetings cards catalogues and my baby boy cooing at his toys on the floor! My kind of heaven!

I have just added this card "Indian Summer Birthday" which I was drawn to in Roger la Borde's 2010 catalogue. It just makes me smile and feel very relaxed when I look at it! It's a new favourite card of mine!

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  1. ... now why does that always happen to me! I thought I was doing so well, then on my last two cards that I was resizing one is just under 200 wide, so I am going to have to give it a white background and the other is just over 200 wide and I can't remember what I called that particular image, so I can't find it to adjust it!
    My lovely straight line as you scroll down the page... is now slightly out of line :(


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