Sunday, 31 July 2011

todays car boot sale finds

I thought I would share with you my finds today from my local car boot sale. (please excuse the unpainted wall in the background... it is on my to do list!)

A swordfish guillotine... for my workshop & a bargain at £3.00!

An old basket... which I can use in my shop - 50p

A pretty little bowl... for my shop/workshop - 50p

and, yes a spoon! I liked it & it was only 10p! I'm not quite sure yet what to use it for though?


Friday, 29 July 2011

embroidery threads

Here at *pur-ple I am growing our selection of fab craft items on a daily basis... one of my favourites at the moment just has to be these embroidery threads. I use them all the time at home myself, especially with the children, and the choice of colours are fantastic! There are 36 skeins in total for a very reasonable £4.75 including free p&p! ... you can find them here


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

my shop in Iddesleigh

I have just been down to my little shop in Iddesleigh this afternoon with the children. After our yummy tea which we had sat outside The Duke of York we went for a lovely summer evenings walk around the village green. I didn't have my camera with me, but did have my phone & I just had to take this photo of the gorgeous views of the village & Dartmoor!

Whilst at my shop I finally got chance to have a better look at an old gate leg table that I bought locally a few months ago! (I have been seriously hoarding bits & pieces for well over a year now, ready for opening!) Underneath the table it has 4 little fold up chairs in a cupboard...

I did intend painting them, but now I've seen them properly I think I might just paint the table! They are so sweet and they fit the look of the shop perfectly & the table is on castors too, so that should save my back when I want to move it out for workshops & packing items etc : D


Saturday, 23 July 2011

haberdashery & craft essentials

I always look forward to unpacking our delivery boxes when they arrive from our numerous different suppliers... but this delivery I have been especially looking forward too!
... some new haberdashery & craft essentials! I so love the tiny 3" & 4" embroidery hoops (I can feel a bit of hoop art coming on!

Oh, and our new sweet little bead (or whatever you wish to fill them with) storage boxes have arrived too!

Oh, Oh and my new button tubes. I have secretly always wanted my very own! Can't wait to attach the little buttons to the lids! So, thats one for me (to put put in my little shop in Iddesleigh) and one for you, and one for me and one for you. I promise that I will put some in our ebay shop called pur-ple soon!

This weekend I have also changed all our items on our ebay shop to have free p&p! Yes... free!!! Yippee... time to stock up I hear you say! Go tell your friends! I'm adding great value sweet craft items daily : D

Happy crafting!

= unusual cards + pretty craft supplies + fab goodies!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

... those little things!

You know those little things that you keep meaning to but never seem to get time too? Well, usually when I am concentrating on getting orders ready for our customers I always vow that "I will" label those drawers next time I go in there!

So I found a few minutes to finally label (most) of the drawers on my much loved chalk fileing cabinet... I even took off the protective wrapping around the shiney handles too!


Divine Twine

I have just placed an order for more Divine Twine... which should be arriving within the next week or so.

I worked out that I have just ordered approximately 7000 meters of bakers twine which if you tied each roll end to end would reach just under 5 miles!

Now... wouldn't that look pretty winding around the country lanes!


Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Here are some of our 1st attempts at using FIMO SOFT clay... which I am hoping to stock at pur-ple soon!

This is my first try at a lemon slice! My husband pointed out that he had never seen a lemon with such uneven sides! and I must admit that the inside segments didn't quite line up.... but I did love making it! I couldn't bare to roll it back up again so I made some holes in the side of each slice and made it into a little bracelet for my daughter (who loves it too!)

This is my 8 year old daughters first try at a cupcake charm... which she threaded onto some of our pink bakers twine... sweet!

We also made mini ice creams, chocolate bars, sweets, toadstools and apple tree charms! It was so easy to use, especially for the children and great fun blending the colours together to make new colours.
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