Tuesday, 2 February 2010

guest authors required - would you like to?

... when I first launched pur-ple I had lot's of ideas about how I would like to see it grow.

One of the many ideas buzzing around in my head was to have one guest author a month, posting as many posts as they wanted on a subject that they were passionate about (greetings cards + design related)

If your interested in having a go, maybe you could post about what's on your desk at the moment (if you have one), or how you first started doing what you do and why. Or, what inspires and drives you to do what you do. Your favourite, colours, textures, materials, tools, creative spaces... I could go on and on!

Myself, right now have Adobe Illustrator CS4 open in the background playing with a ladybird for a client. I've been researching the little bug by looking (or should I say squinting!) at photographs and am trying to come up with different combinations of ladybirds be it traditional or a bit fun. I am currently even dreaming of ladybirds... it is already like a little friend that appears constantly on my screen (Oh dear, I'll be talking to it next, and asking it's opinion on things! "now do you think six or eight spots looks better?" ha ha)

I am a terrible perfectionist and probably spend far to much time trying to get things perfect when really "is there such a thing as perfection?" or is it just something we decide (put pressure) on ourselves to achieve! When does something reach "perfect"?

Anyway..., if you are are perhaps an illustrator, screen printer, paper cutter, typographer, printer, graphic designer, etc etc and would like to have a go at posting then please contact me here, or if you know of someone who may be interested in posting then please let them know.

You are more than welcome to add a link back to your own blog / website in your posts.

I look forward to hearing from you, Louise

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