Saturday, 17 July 2010

more exciting times...

Another little peek at my new adventure... I'll let you know more soon!

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what I am working on at the moment

I thought I'd share these great photo's with you of what I'm working on at the moment...

Now, when I say "working on" I don't literally mean using! Not yet, anyway! I am just working on cleaning off the old ink... to start with!

When I received this old duplicator, inside was like a grown up's lucky dip! Everything was carefully wrapped up in newspaper, so there was lot's of ooohs and aarhs upon unwrapping!

It was wonderful to uncover a machine (I can't tell you how excited I was!) that had'nt been used for years and that has been so beautifuly made (in the UK might I add, which makes it even more special)

I found this delightful little glass bottle in the little yellow box, it still has it's original cork (complete with contents still inside, I dread to think how toxic it may be!) Inside the bottle you can just see it's tiny brush.

The outside wooden case is very solid and has lovely features.

I found the handle carefully wrapped up inside and have managed to refit it... at least now I can store it on it's side and carry it a little easier, as is quite heavy.

I have lot's more lovely photos I took which I'll put onto another post, as it's such a fantastic piece of history, I would love to have seen all that it had printed over the years. I can't wait to use it myself one day too.

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Friday, 16 July 2010

Card board creationist LINVS

I would like to introduce you to card board creationist LINVS. I joined him on his latest shoot where he plays the Bearskin from the Brothers Grimm's Fairytale. LINVS likes to play a variety of different characters all of which can be seen here

The location of this particular shoot was a derelict old hospital on Cheung Chau island just off the coast of Hong Kong. I have captured the afternoon on camera for your enjoyment

I even had the honour to star in one of his latest shoots where I played Mrs Fox from the Brothers Grimm's Fairytale The Marriage of Mrs. Fox

He is open for commission and has most recently art directed the music video for Poubelle International - quite a creative little creature

Till next time

Friday, 9 July 2010

bakers twine - loganberries

I picked a huge colander full of delicious loganberries from our garden this afternoon. It's been a great year for them (I won't mention my sad looking srawberries, which haven't had such a great time!) I thought I'd drop some round to my friend who lives just down the road and just had to show you my sweet pictures of them, which I took on my way.

On our board ready to go...

I could'nt resist hanging them on one of our apple trees (well, loganberries are yummy in an apple crumble! mmm, my favourite)

I added a loganberry leaf to the old jar and a recycled tag... just in case I had to leave them on the door step!

... the Bakers Twine also made a dear little handle (as well as looking pretty) And was rather handy to hold when walking down our lane.... have you ever tried pushing a pushchair and balancing a glass jar!

Oh, how I love lazy summer afternoons!

Bakers Twine and Recycled Tags available to buy from

Bakers Twine also available in green & white and blue & white.

Have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Some doodles, Asian fusion and lots of bunnies it's a big hello from Miss Poochie

Hello my name is Claire (aka Miss Poochie) and I am July's new guest author here on *pur-ple I was very excited when Louise offered me the opportunity to contribute to her blog - and am looking forward to keeping you inspired with a feast of fabulous snippets of info from my life in one of the most hyperactive cities on earth Hong Kong along with features on artists/designers who are currently grabbing all my attention.

So first a little bit about me, after graduating from a graphic arts course up in Leeds in 2007 I jetted off to Hong Kong for a career in graphic design and art direction.

You can see my work on my website at, i have incorporated a playful feature onto the site where I upload a new doodle each day. I like to capture the humorous idiosyncrasies of human nature, in characters which amuse both children and adults. My doodling is all about observation. I am always looking for the little oddnesses in people/things to draw upon.

I have recently been working on some paintings centered around rabbits which have grown into a complete exhibition of different animals which I am currently showing in a dessert boutique in Soho, Hong Kong. The exhibition is called Art-liscious, and has been running throughout June and now into July, displaying both my paintings and my doodles. My paintings and prints are available to buy from the exhibition but for those who can’t make it to Hong Kong they can also be purchased from my website and from my store on

So join me next time when I will be showcasing the work of Hong Kong based artist LINVS, who prides himself on a wide array of very FANCY costumes

Till next time

Thursday, 1 July 2010

a few of my favourite things

These are just a few of my favourite things that I use daily...

My Orla Kiely box which I use to hide away some of my paperwork.

My tapes and tape dispenser.

To the left of the dispenser is a cute little blade to cut your tape.

Oh... and my sillily expensive but beautifully gorgeous Ole Jensen dustpan and broom which I (erh hem) haven't actually brought myself to make dirty yet!

What are your favourite things that you use whilst working?

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inside my shop

A little look inside the shop...

Cards by dots and spots available at with free delivery on all orders too!

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exciting times - ivy

The ivy that needs stripping from my new wall... (I'll tell you more about what the wall is attached too soon!) sadly it has to come down as it's making the wall bulge. I had to take a quick picture of it though as it does add a little colour... and for some reason reminds me of fairies!!!

I'm thinking maybe Wisteria to replace it once the wall has been repointed...

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