Sunday, 28 June 2009


I have just bought this cute little wooden abacus from ebay seller mostlytoys1066 for my eldest daughter to help her with her multiplication! (Well OK... it's really for me to play with too, I always admired friends abacus's when I was a child, but never had one myself!)

We have been spending a little time each day together doing times tables, sat outside under the parasol on our great table that we bought from Devon Oke Designs a couple of years ago. We bought it because it is such a great design and so solid and although our garden has fantastic views of Dartmoor, it does catch the wind and most things fly around the garden if not very heavy! It is so nice to find our table and chairs now in the same place that we left them! We decided to leave our table untreated and it is now just starting to turn a lovely silver grey colour... it is one of our best investments, and hopefully it will still be around when the children grow up and come and visit us!

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