Saturday, 6 June 2009

Instant Admin!

We use a great accounts package called Instant Admin, it was by far the best package we could find when searching on Google - especially if you use a Mac!

Before we had even finished the 21 day trial we had already decided we were going to buy it! (anyway most of our accounts had already been entered on to it by then, and I already did not want to be without it!)

It just runs smoothly and something I thought was great was each time you exit it it automatically pops a backup on your desktop for you to save wherever you like (we use a Kingston USB stick)... little things like this have been obviously carefully thought about.

You pay just a one off payment (just £59.00 plus VAT) , not a subscription and best and most importantly of all, YOUR accounts are kept on YOUR own computer, unlike others we looked at!

A trial is available to download at

... give the trial a go and you will soon see for yourself how streamlined it is.

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