Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Stephs Favourite Illustrators: Katie Hanratty

Hello Again!

Did you all have a nice weekend? Spring is here, finally. Sorry I keep going on about Spring, but I really love it. Spring colours, teeny little animals, easter eggs! As soon as I've typed this of course, it's started raining! Anyway, I've got quite a few exciting posts lined up this week.. I really hope you like them! First up this week is the illustrator Katie Hanratty. I've been following Katie's work on Flickr for a long time time now. I love her style, sort of retro, sort of contemporary. Katie also makes lots of yummy things to sell, such as Lino-printed mini cards and teatime badges as well as lovely prints of her work. Sort of pretty ace, if I'm honest. I really have a soft spot for illustration that has a vintage feel to it, as well as being unique. How can you not fall in love with a postie dog? You must have the cold hard heart of a robot if you don't love Katie's work!

Katies website can be found here, her blog here, and her Flickr, here!

So, who are your favourite crafty illustrators?

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