Monday, 8 March 2010

Stephs favourite illustrators: Gemma Correll

I love illustration. It's pretty ace. It's also a fact that a high percentage of illustrators are very nice people. One of these people in particular is Gemma Correll. A personal favourite illustrator for sure! I had to restrain myself when picking images for this post. I could well have crashed many many computers by posting everything Gemma has drawn ever. If you love pugs, kittens and anything cute and playful... you'll pretty much love Gemma's work. And it's well worth having a peek at her website. Anyway, onto the illustrations!

A print for Society6's Portland series.
A postcard design for The Renmen Project.

Gemma also illustrates her daily life in her daily diaries... it's like getting to snoop in the cutest diary ever! Check them all out here.

All images are taken from Gemma's Flickr.
Her website can be found here, and her shop, here!

P.S. She's currently having a sale - so go grab yourself something lovely :)

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