Thursday, 25 October 2012

polka bias binding & PayPal Access Card

So heres my lovely new polka dot bias binding in 18 different colours. Its very bright and cheerful isn't it? Do you see how I tried to stack the colours in the left hand stack in order of the colours of the rainbow? (Which did involve me and my children all trying to remember the correct order and then resorting to googling it!)

I waited until it was a really bright and sunny day and then grabbed my my daughters camera quick as I could'nt find my battery charger anywhere! Why is it that you can never find the charger when you need it in a hurry! I kept getting shadows though so I had a hunt through all the settings on the camera and found a very useful backlight setting. Which helped me achieve the photo (that I had in head) appear on the screen!

Anyway... your perhaps wondering why the title of this post mentions a PayPal Access Card? Then again, you may just be thinking... ohhh, pretty polka bias binding. What project can I use that on? If you are then you can find it here. I spent ages naming all the lovely colours. My favourites are lichen and peony.

If your still wondering about the PayPal thing, then I will tell you...

A little while ago I was given the option to have a free PayPal Access Card. And it's fantastic. I use it quite a bit now. Basicially, I have a PayPal Business Account, my lovely customers buy some goodies from me (for example polka bias binding), the money goes into my PayPal account (that bits obvious) I then either transfer my money into my bank account as and when I want or use my balance online to pay for things or if no balance or not enough balance it defaults to the credit card of my choice)

But now, if I want to buy something, say Large Letter 2nd Class stamps (which I buy alot of) at my local Post Office (for example), or perhaps to post just a single order for say £1.10, or buy a ream of A4 copier paper which is so much easier to buy locally as every time I have ordered online the corners get dented which is really frustrating! I can use my card. By the time I have got home or have mobile phone signal an email will ping through confirming my transaction. Simple, quick & easy but most of all FREE!

I find that it also saves me paperwork as it then shows up on my KashFlow accounts and I don't have to keep using petty cash and causing myself more work or having to enter my debit card payment manually to KashFlow.

You can also use it over the phone too, just like any other card.

Oh, and the best bit (which resorted in my jumping up and down in delight at my Post Office Counter - you don't have to do that bit by the way!) is that it has one of those wavy lines on the end of it. Yes, it's contactless, so you can just hold it against the matching wavy lines on the screen at your post office without even entering your pin for small transactions! A quick beep, grab your receipt and your done. It did take me a minute or two to work that out and lots of waving the card around at the screen, and looking a little silly, but it was worth it!

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