Monday, 29 October 2012

new save your pennies packs

One of my main aims with pur-ple is to provide great crafts supplies and other goodies at great prices.

I ♥love♥ photography and take all photographs myself apart from my suppliers 'stock' photos, but one of my pet hates is when you visit a gorgeous website with gorgeous photos only to find a gorgeous product but at a not so gorgeous price!... and this too applies to bricks and mortar shops too. Many, many times over the years I have peeped through windows, squinted through doors at delightful goodies only upon entering the shop to find the goodies to be rather overpriced (& usually accompanied by an overkeen shop assistant too!) Hence, a rather hurried excuse (I find something to do with the children, is a good one, like "did you say you needed the loo?") and a rushed exit!

I really, really ♥love♥ a bargain too, but I am also more than happy to pay for nice goodies as long as  they are not overpriced!

Well, you should soon start to see my prices at pur-ple actually go down (yes, down!) I hear you say! as I stock more and more items and get closer to opening my bricks and mortar shop too. (My bricks and mortar shop is a little off yet. I have walls to re-point and a floor to lay, electrics & lot's of decorating... but I'm getting there slowly and enjoying the process too)

So, to start with I have created a 'save your pennies packs' category on my website and the very first item to be added are these extremely popular tiny red 9mm buttons in a great value pack of 500. They are not quite bulk or wholesale, just great value. If you are a business customer or avid crafter then I can also offer a really good discount off of all my items at pur-ple... please contact me if you are interested for more info.

... so, save your pennies with pur-ple! (do you like it it's my new saying!)

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