Friday, 26 October 2012

jingle bells, holiday divine twine and buttons

I have these very lovely Father Christmas / Santa bells in stock at pur-ple & they have the most delightful jingle!

I also have these very popular red bells available too...

... which are just great for trimming your Christmas makes, be it bunting, festive garlands, decorations or stockings they are a rather sweet addition! (You could even use them for little jingly jewellery too!)

I think its OK to mention Christmas now, isn't it? I'm usually in denial until the end of October, but it just feels soooo wintery at the moment.

I've just stocked up with some festive looking candy stripe bags, packing bags and Japanese tape for wrapping & packing your orders in... watch out for some different coloured parcels sliding through your letterboxes and dropping onto your doormats!

Have you seen this very pretty Limited Edition Holiday Divine Twine that I have in stock (please note the word 'limited'... I really don't have that much left now) it is Oh so pretty... and most definately my new favourite.

At the moment I have two small looking parcels full of stock to unpack, one is full of haberdashery delights including lots of Bondaweb... Yay! (It's back in stock - I really watch my stock levels very, very carefully, but this slipped through my safety net!)

... my other small box is rather deceiving & rather heavy too as its full of over 100,000 buttons! Yes, you read that right and it wasn't a typing error. I have over 100,000 buttons to check, sort and put away.... whatever do you do with them all?

I have heard from some of you that you use them for making jewellery, button art and embellishing your stitched creations... and I am sure that there are many that have been bought to put into pretty jars to enjoy looking at and using for that special project.

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