Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Under The Stair Studios

If you looking for something a bit unusual, something magically memorable to mark an important day then have a look at Kat Whelan's etsy shop: Under The Stair Studios... which she has just opened!
Her etsy shop is filled with Paper Circus's designed, illustrated and hand cut by Kat, to little card's with delicate butterflies on that look as if they have just landed... I love them all!

... if I had to choose a favourite though, I think it would be the Dancing Hare Paper Circus. You can make the four little dancing hares dance by turning the little flag on the top, how delightful!

Kat's blogs are great too:

Under The Stair Studios
Kat Whelan Illustrations
Shoestring Garden

Images from Kat Whelan

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