Wednesday, 2 July 2008

02/07/08 - Keen to be "purply" green!

We are very keen to become more eco-friendly at Purple Greetings Cards... so instead of just automatically re-ordering our usual bubble wrap, we decided to take the time to see if there was any compostable bubble wrap available to pack our orders in.

We came across Compost-a-Bubble ("Compost-a-ble"...get it?) bubble wrap from
PH Flexible Packaging Ltd

So... from the end of next week we will start using the Compost-a-Bubble, bubble wrap at Purple Greetings Cards, you will notice the difference as it is matt white rather than clear... we will even put a sticker on it to remind you it's Compost-a-Bubble!

... and we have also just started to use Jiffy Green envelopes to pack your orders in as well!

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