Sunday, 15 April 2012

a little sewing time

I had a tiny bit of spare time today (about an hour!) & I have been desperate to get my sewing machine out and practise my sewing & cutting techniques. This is what I quickly made...

a felt 'cushion' to put inside my car boot sale bargain 'pot', so that I could keep my beloved scissors & punch 'safely' inside! Yes, I know (my husband rolled his eyes when I showed him it!)

a little felt & fabric needlecase/pincase for myself as I wanted to practise my stitches.

I think my stitches are a little wonky and I should have ironed my needle cases before photographing. Plus, I should have really used Bondaweb for my applique and my cutting out & lining up is a bit iffy in places but I really enjoyed practising & think my results are quite sweet!

My youngest Daughter begged me to make a little needlecase for her too! I quickly, cut & stitched it while she was getting ready for bed as a surprise!


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