Saturday, 24 September 2011

my roof has just arrived!

This afternoon my little shop's roof arrived...

1100 fantastic welsh reclaimed slates & 12 ridge tiles (plus a few spares) to be precise!

They took me ages to source... several months of looking infact. I wanted to use ones off of a local roof if possible & it turned out that they came off of a pub roof in Torrington! (Just 10 miles up the road)

I just know they are going to look perfect on the roof, and they are already weathered beautifully as they are reclaimed... which also feels nice to know that they are being reused.

The man that I bought them from kindly delivered them to me and with the help of my husband (who was busy repairing something, just as they arrived. Hence the overalls - he's a mechanic!) they unloaded them & carefully stacked them all ready for fitting.

My two daughters, who watched... were nearly as excited as me! + I must add, neither of us realised just quite how heavy slates are (although I must admit I only lifted one! I put my back out earlier this week, so I made sure I took lot's of photos instead)

I can't wait to see them up on the roof! It is going to be such an improvement and no more leaks! It will also help to make it warmer too : D


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  1. Wow! It's going to look lovely and now I want to come visit your shop!


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