Sunday, 25 September 2011

how to simply change the word comment

I tend to tweak things quite often... and perhaps 9pm at night is not quite the right time to be fiddling with the html on my blog... but a certain colour was beginning to annoy me.

Now, that was a simple edit and I quickly remembered where to tweak it!

But, with slightly tired eyes and with my face getting nearer and nearer the screen I decided now would be a great time to change the word "comments" on my blog to something a little sweeter!

You know the bit I mean, don't you? You know when you post a comment on a blog or publish a comment that has been left on your own blog that it then says "4 comments" for example.

Well, I wanted this to read 4 fab comments. Could I find where to write this in the html anywhere! No, chance.

Then I worked it out (after quite a bit of hunting around) that it was actually me being a bit tired and that it was actually quite easy. To change it you just simply:

1. Go to Dashboard

2. Click on the word Edit in the bottom right hand corner of the Blog Posts box.

3. Change the word comments to whatever you like. ie fab comments, super comments, kind words etc.

4. Click SAVE at the bottom of the page.

... hope this may help some of you to personalise your blog!

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