Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Here are some of our 1st attempts at using FIMO SOFT clay... which I am hoping to stock at pur-ple soon!

This is my first try at a lemon slice! My husband pointed out that he had never seen a lemon with such uneven sides! and I must admit that the inside segments didn't quite line up.... but I did love making it! I couldn't bare to roll it back up again so I made some holes in the side of each slice and made it into a little bracelet for my daughter (who loves it too!)

This is my 8 year old daughters first try at a cupcake charm... which she threaded onto some of our pink bakers twine... sweet!

We also made mini ice creams, chocolate bars, sweets, toadstools and apple tree charms! It was so easy to use, especially for the children and great fun blending the colours together to make new colours.

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