Friday, 29 October 2010

childhood books

Whilst staying at my Dads for a " sleepover" with my children I though I would share with you some of my favourite childhood books (some of the photos are a little dark I'm afraid as they were taken in the evening)

A definate favourite... I can look at this book for hours, the illustrations are just enchanting.

My favourite rhyme, "As I was going to St Ives) from my favourite book!

Another favourite! We dance around our walnut tree singing this!

I just love sillouettes. My eldest can nearly read this on her own.

Oh, this one I love too, and is special to me. My Dad used to manage W H Smith shops (ahem, can you see where the love of retail, accounts, cards and stationery has come from. My mum was a manager too! I used to love being able to go "behind the scenes" of the big old high street shops, going in the staff room and my Dads office and wandering the shops whilst they were shut or during stock takes) He used to bring books home with him. I have some fun ones with covers upside down, missing dustcovers and pages out of order!

My mum used to read me this, which I kept (I keep most things!) and now read to my children, which they adore too.

I had Victoria Plum bed covers, curtains (I still have these!) and wallpaper!

This book has delightful illustrations, its lovely to look at to see whats happening in the picture... you have to make sure that you look closely so you don't miss anything!

I have many more books... I'll save them for another post, another day.

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