Saturday, 17 July 2010

what I am working on at the moment

I thought I'd share these great photo's with you of what I'm working on at the moment...

Now, when I say "working on" I don't literally mean using! Not yet, anyway! I am just working on cleaning off the old ink... to start with!

When I received this old duplicator, inside was like a grown up's lucky dip! Everything was carefully wrapped up in newspaper, so there was lot's of ooohs and aarhs upon unwrapping!

It was wonderful to uncover a machine (I can't tell you how excited I was!) that had'nt been used for years and that has been so beautifuly made (in the UK might I add, which makes it even more special)

I found this delightful little glass bottle in the little yellow box, it still has it's original cork (complete with contents still inside, I dread to think how toxic it may be!) Inside the bottle you can just see it's tiny brush.

The outside wooden case is very solid and has lovely features.

I found the handle carefully wrapped up inside and have managed to refit it... at least now I can store it on it's side and carry it a little easier, as is quite heavy.

I have lot's more lovely photos I took which I'll put onto another post, as it's such a fantastic piece of history, I would love to have seen all that it had printed over the years. I can't wait to use it myself one day too.

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