Friday, 9 July 2010

bakers twine - loganberries

I picked a huge colander full of delicious loganberries from our garden this afternoon. It's been a great year for them (I won't mention my sad looking srawberries, which haven't had such a great time!) I thought I'd drop some round to my friend who lives just down the road and just had to show you my sweet pictures of them, which I took on my way.

On our board ready to go...

I could'nt resist hanging them on one of our apple trees (well, loganberries are yummy in an apple crumble! mmm, my favourite)

I added a loganberry leaf to the old jar and a recycled tag... just in case I had to leave them on the door step!

... the Bakers Twine also made a dear little handle (as well as looking pretty) And was rather handy to hold when walking down our lane.... have you ever tried pushing a pushchair and balancing a glass jar!

Oh, how I love lazy summer afternoons!

Bakers Twine and Recycled Tags available to buy from

Bakers Twine also available in green & white and blue & white.

Have a great weekend.

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