Sunday, 23 August 2009

Monsieur Boudin Cards by Lab Partners

Due in soon at Purple Greetings Cards... the full range of delightful Monsieur Boudin everyday greetings cards by Lab Partners.

Every now and then, you are introduced to a character who is erudite, has charm, wit and is worldly. You may be left feeling a little insecure about who you are and how you conduct yourself or you may feel inspired to put on your best shoes and step forward into the world with a little more joie de vivre. Well as they say, "we give you Monsieur Boudin" that stylish little daschund from Paris.

... how exciting! These adorable cards are great to give or just as great to keep and frame! I am actually struggling to choose a favourite, I think I love them all as each card has it's own special little something which makes me smile!

Images by Lab Partners


  1. These are adorable! Love the little dogs :)

  2. They are great arn't they!... and due in at any day now!

  3. excellent I love this series so much


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