Tuesday, 2 August 2011

new mini brads

These are my fab new mini (or should I say teeny tiny!) mini brads / split pins! ... arn't they sweet!

I have them available in red...

powder blue...

baby pink...


and pale green!

... and will be available in my ebay shop pur-ple, just as soon as my 8 year old daughter has finished sorting them into seperate colour packs! (she has been really looking forward to this 'job' but after sorting her first few hundred she is 'slowing' Only a few more thousand to go!

She has shown such an interest in my work over the last couple of years & is just like me! (very particular) she has already picked any 'less then perfect' ones out!

I will make up some mixed colour packs too... for those of you who can't choose a favourite colour!


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