Sunday, 25 October 2009

*pur-ple - add your free link here is an exciting new collaboration of artists and publishers connecting together with their updates, views & advice on greetings cards + design.

*pur-ple has evolved from my blog. I have great fun running an online shop sourcing new and unusual greetings cards from talented artists and decided to take the next step and change my existing blog into *pur-ple.

*pur-ple aims to become a source of updates, views & advice for greetings cards artists, illustrators, designers, publishers & those who also love greetings cards and great design! *pur-ple also aims to help promote them too.

If you would like to be included in *pur-ple's free directory of artists & publishers then please contact me by leaving your website / shop / store / blog link in the comments box below and I will be delighted to add your link here on *pur-ple! (Please kindly link back to *pur-ple too & follow us here and on Twitter!)

Thank you, Louise


  1. I currently list greeting cards in my Etsy store:

    -Paper and Ribbons

    I also blog some ideas and previews:

  2. Hi
    I am a new greeting card designer, launching my brand new range of products. You can find my cards at

    I am currently on the look out for agents so any advice on this would be great!
    Contact me at
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    x Fay

  3. Melly, I have added your etsy shop Paper and Ribbons for you under our new etsy shops link here on *pur-ple. I have also added your blog The Crafty DIY Bride too under the blogs link on the left of this page. Louise

  4. Fay, A link has now been added to fay's studio under sites, stores & shops on the left hand side of this page.

    Love your work Fay, Louise


  5. Whoop's I don't know my left from rights! ... all your links are on the right of this page!

  6. Hi, I'm a recent illustration graduate looking for work in various areas of illustration, including greetings card/gift design, as I feel my handmade style suits it!

    My blog is:

    And my website portfolio is

    Thanks! :) x

  7. Rachel, I've added links to your website and blog for you, hope it helps. Louise

  8. Hello I am an illustrator my site is

    (I have 4 greetings cards on there!)

  9. Dean, I've just added your website for you... love Buzz btw. Louise

  10. Hi there, I'm Jo and I'm an illustrator from London and I love making handmade products for sale.

    My website...
    My Shop ....

    Thanks loads!! x

  11. Jo,Cheung... your links now live, Louise :)

  12. Hi Pur-ple!

    I love this site, it's great! ❤

    I am an artist and I have just starting producing greetings cards from my art and illustrations. My website is

    The shop part of my website should be up and running at the beginning of November.

    I also love to network with other artists and illustrators so a big HELLO to you all!


    Angela x

  13. Hi Angela... Im glad you found *pur-ple! Iv'e added your website and also your blog for you. Your art work & cards are great btw. Let me know when your etsy shop goes live and I'll add that too for you! Louise :)

  14. Hi! I'm a kind of a newbie at blogging and I'd love, love, love to be added on your blog list to help advertise my "handmade books on-the-go". I also share my sewing, photography and illustration projects, as well as, my art donations to community organizations on my blog:

    Thanks so much!
    Your blog is awesome!

  15. Hi Olive ... just added your blog for you :) Louise

  16. Hi there! Found you through Twitter... what stunning art you have! I would absolutely love to be added, if that is okay....?! I make handprinted cards using linocuts, and sell through Etsy and on my website, which is Thank you!!!

  17. Hi Something Wonderful Design... Thank you! I've added your website to *pur-ple for you! Louise

  18. Hello :) Great idea *pur-ple, you might run out of room soon :)
    Thanks for following me - now following you too! Not yet twitterfied as my shop name won't fit on Twitter ;( will have to think of something else!
    Love it if you would add my shops - Thankyou! - I'll link you back :)

    my blog

    I also run LETTERPRESS IN THE UK a great resource for UK letterpress folk :) found at

    Jax x

  19. All added :) ... I really enjoy reading LETTERPRESS IN THE UK. I have a far too many Adana's and far too little time to play with them! Must make time! I have a wonderful flatbed... which desperately needs my attention!

  20. Thanks Louise - letterpress is a time consuming :) so many ideas and not enough time... If you're ever think of parting with your flatbed, pleas do let me know :) jax x

  21. Hi Jax, Last count I had five presses including a baby Adana and two goccos!!! At the moment I'm desperate to get my hands on my sorry looking flatbed... it arrived covered in purple ink! (of all colours!) and it needs a really good clean! Its been sat in a box for a couple of years now. Poor thing! But., sadly no I'm not ready to part with it!

    I do have some Adana parts that I do need to get rid of if anyone is interested though?

  22. I don't know anyone who needs any, British Letterpress has a free classified listing you can post to :)
    Purple ink :) you'll have to leave some on for luck! Happy printing
    Jax x


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